Why choose us as an entrepreneur?

As an entrepreneur, you must complete the turnover tax return (VAT return) once a quarter. In the sales tax return, you state the VAT that you have charged your customers. This VAT must then be paid to the tax authorities. You can reduce the VAT by using the VAT charged by your suppliers. This is also known as the ‘Voorbelasting’. It is important that the turnover tax return is completed on time, so that a fine is avoided.

We are happy to help you with the VAT return. But also think of the annual income tax return. For this, a profit and loss account must be prepared and a balance sheet.

For whom?

One Day Finance is here for everyone! Whether you are an entrepreneur or a private individual.

We stand for our services. This way, we take the time for your tax return or financial challenge. We always respond within 24 hours, you always have contact with one person, and we work clearly and understandably.

Our services are complete and extensive. Whether you are looking for help with your income tax return or outsourcing your bookkeeping? 


Also active in your sector?

We are here for all entrepreneurs! Large, small, stubborn or with a high need for administrative support. Whether you work in healthcare, construction, hospitality or as a freelancer.

We make sure that you get to what is really important, namely doing business! From processing all invoices to preparing annual accounts. As an entrepreneur, you can use advice and support.

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Are you looking for an advisor to do your tax return? Or do you need financial advice? View our rates here.

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One Day Finance

Do you need help with your tax returns? Or are you looking for financial advice? One Day Finance is of course happy to help! We communicate in clear and understandable way.

Need help? We are happy to help you!​

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