A good bookkeeper pays for itself. Besides giving you much more time to do business, we prevent problems in the future and help you with the finances of your company. You invest in knowledge, but also in convenience.

As an entrepreneur, you must complete the turnover tax return (VAT return) once a quarter. In the sales tax return, you state the VAT that you have charged your customers. This VAT must then be paid to the tax authorities. You can reduce the VAT by using the VAT charged by your suppliers. This is also known as the ‘Voorbelasting’. It is important that the turnover tax return is completed on time, so that any fine is avoided.
We are happy to help you with the VAT return. But also think of the annual income tax return. For this, a profit and loss account must be prepared and a balance sheet.

Why outsource your bookkeeping?

A bookkeeper does more than just arrange your administration down to the last detail. A good bookkeeper uses a personal approach and therefore knows who you are and what is important for your company.

Whatever industry you work in, we have national coverage and provide a personal service. Face-to-Face contact via Teams or by phone and a quick response. An appointment is easily made with us, whether it concerns the tax return or tax advice.

Do you have doubts about your tax return for 2021 or do you want to arrange your administration properly? Curious about what we can do for you? We understand that after long days as an entrepreneur, you no longer feel like doing your administration and tax returns. And that you also just want to ask your bookkeeper questions outside working hours.

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We communicate in clear and understandable way. Whether it concerns your bookkeeping, corporate income tax return or advice on taxes. Would you rather outsource your tax affairs to a professional who also helps entrepreneurs working in your industry? You can easily contact us via our contact form or by email. You will always receive a response within 24 hours.

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One Day Finance is there for everyone! Whether you are an entrepreneur or individual

We stand for our services. This way, we take the time for your tax return or financial challenge. We always respond within 24 hours, you always have contact with one person, and we work clearly and understandably.

Our services are complete and extensive. Whether you are looking for help with your income tax return or outsourcing your bookkeeping?

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