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A financial advisor helps you to answer a personal financial question, some financial advisors also sell various financial products. Think of mortgages, life insurance or disability insurance. We only advise and are therefore completely independent. Arranging financial matters is not easy, and independent help is therefore important.

In addition to the financial aspect, the fiscal aspect is important. Either you will not run into problems with it later or it will not turn out to be financially unfavorable due to tax rules. We can tell you all about this in a personal conversation. As a financial advisor, you are someone who advises private individuals in making financial decisions.

Financial questions are often complicated. A wrong decision can cost you a lot of money. We look wider than just offering a product, we find out what suits your situation best. This is frequently not a product, but advice. We may refer you to an intermediary Financial Adviser, if the outcome is a specific product at, for example, a bank or an insurer.

A financial advisor for whom?

One Day Finance is here for everyone! Whether you are an entrepreneur or a private individual.

We stand by our services as a financial advisor. It starts with a good intake and getting your profile clear. Then we sit down together, drink a cup of coffee (or tea) and discuss your situation. Of course we come up with practical plans and handles for the future. As a financial advisor, we take the time for your tax return or financial challenge. We always respond within 24 hours, you always have contact with one person and we work clearly and understandably.

Our services are complete and extensive. Whether you are looking for help with your income tax return, are looking for a financial advisor or outsource your bookkeeping?

One Day Finance Financieel Adviseur


We take the time for your declaration. This naturally starts with an extensive intake and asking the right questions.

Fast response

We will respond within 24 hours.
In addition, you always have contact with one person from the beginning until after submitting the tax return.

Clear and understandable

We always schedule a meeting online, where we go through the tax return together and answer questions.

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