Income tax return 2021

Tax season is upon us again. Each year, the income tax return can be submitted from the first of March, but must be sent to the Tax Authorities before the first of May at latest. Of course, you can request a postponement free of charge through us, but we can also take care of the declaration before this date.

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Income tax return 2021

You must pay income tax on your income, but also on income from benefits. Maybe you paid too little or too much? That is why the tax authorities need the income tax return.

One Day Finance helps you fill in your tax returns. Help with the income tax return is already possible from € 85,-

You can get help with your income tax return, but you can also have it done entirely by us! A big advantage of this is that you have more time and that you receive solid advice at the same time. Whether you work as an employee or as an entrepreneur. Self-employed or BV, good advice is always welcome.

One Day Finance Income Tax Return 2021

How we work

Phase 1


After filling out our contact form or email, we will send you a quote, and we will contact you for an intake.

Phase 2

Prepare the draft version

After approval, we start collecting the necessary data, request an authorization and prepare a draft version.

Phase 3

Meeting Online

During this appointment, we will go through the tax return and submit the tax return after approval

Am I obliged to make a declaration?

Have you received a letter from the tax authorities asking you to file a tax return? Then you have to file a report! Have you not received a letter from the tax authorities? Then it depends. If you know that you have to pay, and it is more than €47,-, you are obliged to file a declaration.

The tax authorities already know a lot more about your situation and income these days. That is why it is now also easy to file a declaration yourself. The tax authorities don’t know everything, so it is important to always look at your situation.

What data do you need?

What information do you need to complete a 2021 income tax return? (much of this information is already pre-populated, but still needs to be checked.

– Your personal information
– All income from, for example, payroll or entrepreneurship.
– Dutch, but also foreign bank accounts.
– Houses, both in box 1 and box 3
– Deductions
– Other assets and debts
– The provisional assessment

Are you an entrepreneur? Then the tax authorities need the above and more. The tax authorities also require the following information.

– An income statement (Income and expenses of a company)
– The balance sheet (value of a company’s assets and liabilities)

What deductions are there?

If you have to pay income tax, you are also entitled to deductible items. How many there are and how high the amount depends on your income and/or assets.

The Tax and Customs Administration does not fill in most deductible items for you in advance. You must enter this information yourself in the income tax return.

– Healthcare costs
– Costs for a home
– Study costs
– Travel expenses
– Gifts
– Annuity

One Day Finance income tax return
One Day Finance income Tax Return

What should you pay attention to when making a declaration?

You need to be extra careful in the following situations

– You have incurred healthcare costs
– You have bought or sold a house and bought another house.
– You have temporarily paused the mortgage.
– You rent out part or all of the owner-occupied home or generate income from it.
– You have a tax partner
– You have incurred study costs and have not made use of student grants.
– You have deposited annuity
– You have stock options, and they have been paid out.
– You have had other income.
– You are divorced in the tax year

How does an income tax return work when someone has passed away?

First of all, my condolences. The declaration for a deceased is an F form. The tax authorities will send these to the address they use for contacting the next of kin. Did you not receive this form? But if an amount has to be paid or received, this form can be requested from the tax authorities.

Do you have to file a tax return for you and your tax partner who has passed away? In that case, you can still choose to remain each other’s tax partners throughout the year. For yourself, you will need to fill an P form (the standard form) and an F form for the deceased will have to be completed.

When will you hear back from your tax return?

When you hear back about your tax return depends on the date when you filed your return. If you have done this before April 8, you will receive a message before July 1.

If you do file your return before the 8th of April, the tax authorities aim to send a message within 3 months. You can receive this message via the message box of the government, via or by post.

The final assessment can take up to three years after the end of a tax year, but usually sooner. If you have been granted a postponement, this can be extended by that period.

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From € 50,-

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