ou file a C-form if you have not lived in the Netherlands for a whole year, but for example you still have a house here.

The costs for help with a tax return​

The costs for submitting a C-form are €135,- including VAT for one person and €160,- for tax partners including VAT. The rate with consultation is € 40, – incl. 21% VAT. higher.

Clients about One Day Finance

C- Form

135 € 160,- for Fiscal Partners(80,- per person)
  • With or without meeting
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Quotation in advance

Package Tax Return and Provisional Assessment

200 € 240,- for tax partners(€ 120,- p.p)
  • Income tax return
  • Applying for one Provisional Assessment
  • Or the Provisional Assessment changed annually


We take the time for your Tax declaration. This naturally starts with an extensive intake online of true the phone and asking the right questions.

Fast response

We respond within 24 hours. In addition, you always have contact with one person from the beginning until after submitting the tax return.

Clear and understandable

One Day Finance's advisers communicate clearly and comprehensibly. You choose whether to make an appointment to go through your tax return or not.

From € 135,-

Looking for our Income Tax Support?

Our Guarantees

More about our support

One Day Finance takes the time to help you with your income tax return. We always respond within 24 hours. In addition, when submitting your tax return, you always have contact with one tax advisor from start to finish.

An intake online or rather personal contact?

Here at One Day Finance we understand that everyone has their own preference for communicating. One would like a personal conversation and the other would like to deliver his data as quickly and optimized as possible.

We need a number of information to prepare a 2021 income tax return. Based on this information, we can complete a correct tax return and request the correct documents.

Do you opt for first personal contact or do you opt for an online intake?


Why choose help with filing a tax return?​

In some cases it is useful to enlist the help of a tax advisor. Especially in complex situations or when there is a lot of power. But also if you have filed your tax return as a private individual in recent years, but you are not entirely sure whether the tax returns have been submitted correctly.

What are complex situations then? In complex situations, you can think of the purchase of your first home, you are married, divorced or recently became a tax partner, you have had a child, you have received an inheritance or you are going to receive a gift or you are an entrepreneur.

With the help of a financial advisor, you can save both time and money. You will not be faced with unexpected surprises, such as fines and additional assessments. Together with the tax advisor you go through your financial situation.

In addition to having or providing support with your income tax return, we can of course only check the tax returns from past years.

When you need to do a C-form?

You file a C-form instead of a normal income tax return if you have lived outside the Netherlands for a whole year and still have to file a return here in the Netherlands.

You must submit a C-form declaration if you live outside the Netherlands for a year and have income from the Netherlands. Income can include:

  • Income from paid employment
  • Pension
  • Annuity payments
  • Alimony
  • A house
  • From other assets

Why outsource your C form?

Filling out a C-form can be quite complicated and can take a lot of time and research. Also important, the choice between domestic or foreign tax liability and the consequences there can ultimately make a lot of difference.

Do you want help with your declaration C-form? Do you want to know whether you have to fill in a C-form? We are of course happy to help. Get in touch via the contact button below

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