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Have you filed your tax return yourself in the past 5 years and are not entirely sure whether the tax return has been submitted correctly? Choose our ‘Control last 5 years’ and we will go through the declarations together after we have checked everything.

You can save money by filling out the tax return as fiscal partners. This is mainly due to the division between tax partners, the division of assets and the correct use of tax credits. In addition, it is easy to do the tax return yourself in simple situations, but the tax authorities have a lot of mazes and rules. We therefore offer an audit of a maximum of the past 5 years of declarations.

After the check, there is always a personal meeting where we go through the declarations together and give tips for the upcoming declarations. Did you make a mistake in the declaration? You can correct an error in the tax return yourself, as long as the tax authorities have not yet issued a final assessment. The tax authorities will then start working with the most recently submitted tax return. Do we discover an error after the final assessment has been imposed? Then we can correct the return up to 5 years ago via our software system.

The costs for a control in the past 5 years

The costs for a check for the past or current year will be €100,- including VAT and the costs for a check of the past 5 years will be €200, – including VAT.

Control Tax Return

100 € 200,- for 5 years
  • Including consultation
  • Incl. Tips
  • Quotation in advance


We take the time for your Tax declaration. This naturally starts with an extensive intake online of true the phone and asking the right questions.

Fast response

We respond within 24 hours. In addition, you always have contact with one person from the beginning until after submitting the tax return.

Clear and understandable

One Day Finance's advisers communicate clearly and comprehensibly. You choose whether to make an appointment to go through your tax return or not.

National and completely online

Our help with your tax return is national and fully digital. No expensive passed on office costs and a fast service! And you notice that, response within 24 hours and time and attention for your tax return as a private individual or entrepreneur.

The time we gain with working digitally is spent in the attention and time with our customers. When you submit your income tax return to us, we always start by creating a clear outline of your profile and our personal service also makes the difference for submitting the tax return.

One Day Finance Over ons

From € 135,-

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One Day Finance takes the time to help you with your income tax return. We always respond within 24 hours. In addition, when submitting your tax return, you always have contact with one tax advisor from start to finish.

From € 135,-

Looking for our Income Tax Support?

An intake online or rather personal contact?

Here at One Day Finance we understand that everyone has their own preference for communicating. One would like a personal conversation and the other would like to deliver his data as quickly and optimized as possible.

We need a number of information to prepare a 2021 income tax return. Based on this information, we can complete a correct tax return and request the correct documents.

Do you opt for first personal contact or do you opt for an online intake?

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Checking declaration and tax partners

Especially if you have a tax partner, your tax return becomes even more complicated. You can divide items with each other and this can lead to a higher refund.

Do you also have children? In some cases, you can make use of the income-related combination discount. This discount provides an extra advantage at the bottom of the line.

Check declaration and an own house.

If you have your own home, you often also have mortgage interest deduction. The rules regarding mortgage interest deduction can become complex when you have bought a new home (and sold the old one with equity) or when, for example, you are going to rent out part of the home.

There are also deductible costs when purchasing a home. These are some of the costs that are listed on the invoice, but can also be other costs. Think, for example, of a valuation report or penalty interest. Whether you can deduct it or not depends on your situation.

Check declaration and assets

In the case of assets, there is a tax-free amount of €50.000,- per person in 2021. In addition, there are deductions for certain foreign assets to avoid double taxation.

With a lot of capital, you can also think of a piece of wealth planning. Think of donating, investing in a box 1 home, making extra repayments, etc.

One Day Finance Controle afgelopen 5 jaar

Checking the tax return and deductible items

You can make use of various deductions in your tax return. Think, for example, of mortgage interest deduction, premiums for your annuity, travel costs for public transport, specific healthcare costs, income-related combination discount, gifts, study costs (these expire after 2021) and paid partner alimony. These personal deductions must be checked carefully, because the tax authorities do not always know whether you are entitled to them.

Would you like someone to take a look at your tax returns? For the past few years? We are of course happy to help. Get in touch via the contact button below.

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