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From € 135,-, You file an M-form if you have only lived in the Netherlands for part of the year, for example because you emigrated from the Netherlands or immigrated to the Netherlands in 2022.

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You will receive a quote from us within 24 hours. If necessary, we will hold an intake online or by telephone.


We request authorization and documents may be submitted via email or a secure environment.


As soon as we have received all documents, we will start preparing the concept.


When the concept is ready, we can immediately submit it to the Tax Authorities after approval.


After receiving the draft, an appointment can optionally be easily scheduled online.

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One Day Finance takes the time for your declaration, financial or tax question. This naturally starts with an extensive intake interview. During this conversation we will provide a good picture of your situation.

Fast response​

We respond within 24 hours. In addition, you always have contact with one advisor from start to finish. Even after that, you can simply contact your advisor to ask questions.

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One Day Finance's advisors communicate clearly and understandably. We always schedule a meeting online. During this meeting, we go through the declaration or issue together. We will of course answer all your questions.

Your tax return completely out of your hands from € 125, -


135 € 160,- for Fiscal Partners(80,- per person)
  • With or without meeting
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Quotation in advance

Package Tax Return and Provisional Assessment

200 € 240,- for tax partners(€ 120,- p.p)
  • Income tax return
  • Applying for one Provisional Assessment
  • Or the Provisional Assessment changed annually

National and completly online

Our help with your tax return is national and fully digital. No expensive passed on office costs and a fast service! And you notice that, response within 24 hours and time and attention for your tax return as a private individual or entrepreneur.

The time we gain with working digitally is spent in the attention and time with our customers. When you submit your income tax return to us, we always start by creating a clear outline of your profile and our personal service also makes the difference for submitting the tax return.

From € 75,-

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You file an M-form if you have only lived in the Netherlands for part of the year, for example because you emigrated from the Netherlands or immigrated to the Netherlands in 2020.

If you lived outside the Netherlands for part of a declaration year due to emigration or immigration, you should file a declaration using the M form. You can complete an M form up to 5 years ago. After 2020, the M-form can be completed online, for that you have to fill it in on paper if you want to do this yourself.

In most cases, the tax authorities will send an M-form by post after departure, but not always! Make sure that you are always easily accessible, if necessary keep a postal address in the Netherlands. You can of course also activate the message inbox on to be kept informed.

Is an M-form mandatory?

In the Netherlands you are obliged to file a declaration for an M-form if: – You have received a declaration letter. – You have received an M-form. – You have not received a tax return letter or M-form, but you know that you have to pay more than €47,- euros.

So this really depends on the above. But besides whether it is mandatory, it is also important that you will probably receive a refund by filing an M form. Because you were not employed for a whole year, it may be the case that too much tax has been levied.

Advantages of filing an M-form Tax Return

  • There is a high probability that it will result in a refund.
  • You also close the book with the Dutch tax authorities and if there are any questions, the inspector will ask the tax advisor.
  • The declaration is often more complex and therefore more error-prone.

Normally, the M form must be received by the tax authorities before 1 July of the following year. Of course, One Day Finance can request an extension for this from the tax authorities. This gives you an extra year to file the M-form declaration.

Why choose help with filing a tax return?​

In some cases it is useful to enlist the help of a tax advisor. Especially in complex situations or when there is a lot of power. But also if you have filed your tax return as a private individual in recent years, but you are not entirely sure whether the tax returns have been submitted correctly.

What are complex situations then? In complex situations, you can think of the purchase of your first home, you are married, divorced or recently became a tax partner, you have had a child, you have received an inheritance or you are going to receive a gift or you are an entrepreneur.

With the help of a financial advisor, you can save both time and money. You will not be faced with unexpected surprises, such as fines and additional assessments. Together with the tax advisor you go through your financial situation.

In addition to having or providing support with your income tax return, we can of course only check the tax returns from past years.

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