Provisional assessment

You can easily request or change a provisional assessment or provisional refund for yourself, or you can have it outsourced by a tax advisor. Of course, we are happy to help with this. A provisional assessment can be requested in order to receive or pay an amount from the tax authorities in anticipation of the tax return for the current year (which you will make in the following year).

A provisional assessment or refund can be useful if you have incurred high costs in a specific year that are deductible. Think, for example, of mortgage interest or high healthcare costs incurred. You will then already receive an amount from the tax authorities. But it can also be useful the other way around. For example, if you are an entrepreneur, and you have to pay the tax authorities with an income tax return, it can be useful to pay this in advance via a provisional assessment if you have some form of entrepreneurial income. This prevents you from being faced with unpleasant surprises, and you do not have to keep the money in a savings account.

The costs for a provisional assessment

Outsource the provisional assessment? That is already possible from € 100, –

Provisional assessment

100 Including calculation
  • Per assessment
  • Advice
  • Incl. sending


We take the time for your Tax declaration. This naturally starts with an extensive intake online of true the phone and asking the right questions.

Fast response

We respond within 24 hours. In addition, you always have contact with one person from the beginning until after submitting the tax return.

Clear and understandable

One Day Finance's advisers communicate clearly and comprehensibly. You choose whether to make an appointment to go through your tax return or not.

From € 135,-

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National and completely online

Our help with your tax return is national and fully digital. No expensive passed on office costs and a fast service! And you notice that, response within 24 hours and time and attention for your tax return as a private individual or entrepreneur.

The time we gain with working digitally is spent in the attention and time with our customers. When you submit your income tax return to us, we always start by creating a clear outline of your profile and our personal service also makes the difference for submitting the tax return.

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One Day Finance takes the time to help you with your income tax return. We always respond within 24 hours. In addition, when submitting your tax return, you always have contact with one tax advisor from start to finish.

From € 135,-

Looking for our Income Tax Support?

An intake online or rather personal contact?

Here at One Day Finance we understand that everyone has their own preference for communicating. One would like a personal conversation and the other would like to deliver his data as quickly and optimized as possible.

We need a number of information to prepare a 2021 income tax return. Based on this information, we can complete a correct tax return and request the correct documents.

Do you opt for first personal contact or do you opt for an online intake?

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What information do you need for a provisional assessment?

You will of course need a DigiD to apply for a provisional assessment. The tax authorities also ask for your BSN number, bank account, income details, WOZ value of the home (from last year), the mortgage interest paid and deductible items such as gifts, study and partner alimony).

Also, important may be:

  • Your personal information
  • All income from, for example, payroll or entrepreneurship.
  • Dutch, but also foreign bank accounts.
  • Houses, both in box 1 and box 3
  • Deductions
  • Other assets and debts
  • The provisional assessment

Are you an entrepreneur? Then the tax authorities need the above and more. The tax authorities also require the following information.

  • An income statement (Income and expenses of a company)
  • The balance sheet (value of a company’s assets and liabilities)

When should you pay extra attention to a tax return?

You need to be extra careful in the following situations.

  • You have incurred healthcare costs
  • You have bought or sold a house and bought another house.
  • You have temporarily paused the mortgage.
  • You rent out part or all of the owner-occupied home or generate income from it.
  • You have a tax partner
  • You have incurred study costs and have not made use of student grants.
  • You have deposited annuity
  • You have stock options and they have been Vested
  • You have had other income.
  • You are divorced in the tax year
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When will you receive a message from the tax authorities? And when will you receive the provisional assessment?

You will usually receive a message from the tax authorities within 2 to 6 weeks. The Tax and Customs Administration has fixed payment dates for the provisional assessment. You will receive the amount monthly, divided over the remaining paid dates.

The dates for 2022 are:

  • Tuesday April 19 for the month of April 2022
  • Monday, May 16 for the month of May 2022
  • Wednesday 15 June for the month of June 2022
  • Friday 15 July for the month of July 2022
  • Monday August 15 for the month of August 2022
  • Thursday September 15 for the month of September 2022
  • Monday October 17 for the month of October 2022
  • Tuesday, November 15 for the month of November 2022
  • Thursday 15 December for the month of December 2022

Important moments

There are several important moments in an income tax return. It is precisely in those years that it is important to engage a good tax advisor and hand over the tax return.

Think, for example, of the year you bought or started renting out a home, the year you got married or the year you started your own business.

Purchase sale Own House

Rent out your own home

You became fiscal partner

You're getting divorced


Emigration / Immigration

Started your own company

Box 3 Assets

You received an inheritance

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